About Kassia  


KASSIA is a premier voluntary state level non Government Institution of Small Scale Industrialists. It is a registered body under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act and is functioning on democratic lines with regular Annual General Body Meetings, election of Council Members and Office Bearers and adhering to the constitutional Byelaw and conventions.

It is managed by a Council of Management consisting of President, Vice President, the immediate Past President (Ex-officio Member) and 37 members directly elected by the General Body. Past Presidents and Special Invitees are also part of the system.

It is primarily responsible for policy formulation and imparting guidance and direction to the affairs of the Association.

A permanent Secretariat looks after the implementation of policies and day-to-day administration, under the guidance of the Office Bearers.

Kassia is an ISO-9001 -2001 certified organization.

Present Range of services

  • Organisation of Information Services for the SSI Sector
  • Counselling and Grievances handling.
  • Liaison service with Government and Institutions facilitating inputs.
  • Organising developmental services and training programmes, Seminars, Conference etc.
  • Sponsoring study tours, in country and overseas delegations.
  • Conducting Exhibitions.
  • Formulating special programmes like Helpline Services, Promotional Campaigns, interaction sessions etc.
  • Initiating Business and Management Development exercises.

Kassia has created the following specialized centres of services:

  • Centre of Quality Development & Research
  • Techno Economic Research & Development Centre.
  • Centre for Market Development.
  • Sub Contract Exchange.
  • Kassia Credit Co-operative Society.
  • Kassia.com website.
  • K.L. Nanjappa Foundation.

Role & Objectives

  • To promote the development of Small Scale Industries.
  • To provide facilities for exchange of information, experience and interest among the Small Industries.
  • To co-operate with industrial, business, educational and research institutions and other organizations in the collection and exchange of information pertaining to Small Industries.
  • To undertake professional, technical and management consultation services.
  • To organize studies, survey and research projects.
  • To establish common service facilities for its members.
  • To further the cause of small industries by holding consultations with Union and State Governments and other bodies.
  • To conduct and participate in National and International Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.
  • To derive the advantages of collective action which member-units may not be able to accomplish individually.
  • To publish books, news-papers, periodicals, pamphlets or any other publications of interest to the SSI Sector.
  • To establish trade centers. display centers, sub-contracting exchanges and other promotional institutions for the benefit of small scale sector.
  • To undertake activities incidental to the attainment of the objectives and towards healthy development of small scale industries.



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